Restorative Action Alliance Supports Parole Justice for Safer Communities

Restorative Action Alliance is part of the People’s Campaign for Parole Justice (ParoleJusticeNY), joining over 300 organizations that are calling on New York State lawmakers and Governor Hochul to pass a package of comprehensive reforms that promote justice and safe communities:

Elder Parole (S.2423/A.2035): Provides incarcerated people aged 55 and older who have already served 15 or more years an opportunity for parole release consideration. This includes some of the state’s oldest and sickest incarcerated people.

Fair and Timely Parole (S.307/A.162): Provides a more meaningful parole review process for incarcerated people who are already parole-eligible, and ensures that people are evaluated for release based on who they are today, including their rehabilitation, personal transformation and their current risk of violating the law.

A Fully Staffed Parole Board with Commissioners who Share our Core Values: The Parole Board must be staffed with 19 commissioners as the law allows, and should be comprised of people who share our values of redemption, transformation and mercy. Commissioners must reflect the identities of incarcerated people and come from professional and clinical backgrounds including social work, nursing, reentry services, and other fields that allow them to evaluate incarcerated people for who they are today.

Amber V. and Melissa Tanis RAPP

Listen to Melissa Tanis, a survivor and advocate with Release Aging People in Prison share her story on the Amplified Voices Podcast a production sponsored by the Restorative Action Foundation.

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