We've Been Told that Public Registries and other Carceral Approaches Prevent Sexual Harm, Protect Children & Increase Public Safety. The Evidence Tells Us Otherwise.

Its time to Rethink & Restore Shared Safety.

We are organizing for change in 10 regions in New York, as well as statewide - bringing awareness, empowerment & connection to those seeking to disrupt cycles of sexual harm and end the counterproductive registry regime. If you are interested in learning more about being trained as a Regional Contact/Connector or simply want to know more about the effort, please fill out the form and a representative will get back to you. Together, we can rethink the way we disrupt cycles of harm to repair and restore all people to community through prevention, meaningful accountability, and restorative and transformative action rather than carceral approaches that harm us all.

    • New York Advocacy Connection & Organizing Session - September 24 - 10 am (Eastern) via zoom - New York Residents who care deeply about ending cycles of sexual harm and counterproductive registries are invited to learn more about specific ways they can be a part of the training and infrastructure we are currently building to organize around these issues across the state. Register here.
Will you volunteer?