Restorative Action Alliance (RAA) Supports CT Senate Bill 1194 to End the Retroactive Application of Registry Requirements in Connecticut

Woman testifying before the Connecticut Judiciary Committee

RAA is dedicated to breaking cycles of sexual harm through education, prevention, rehabilitation and restoration for all people. In order to create collective safety, our society must address the Registry’s failed and destructive impact on those trying to re-enter after a conviction. People who have done the hard work of rehabilitation and remain offense-free should have the opportunity to contribute and participate in their communities in productive ways. It is for this reason that RAA supports the call for changes to the law that would relieve people who completed their sentences before the implementation of the Connecticut Registry overhaul in 1998 from their obligation to register.

While working toward our ultimate goals to abolish the Registry and increase resources for survivors of sexual violence, we support policies that provide real relief to community members impacted by the Registry’s harmful effects. Restorative Action Alliance encourages members of the public, the Judiciary Committee and all legislators to join us in supporting SB 1194.

Written testimony submitted by members of Restorative Action Alliance can be found here & here.

A video of the public hearing on SB 1194, including the testimony of members of Restorative Action Alliance may be found here. 

Connecticut Judiciary Committee Joint Favorable Report

SB 1194 Passed out of the House 22-14 on May 9, 2023 via roll call vote.