As of October 1, 2023, Conn. Gen. Stat. § 54-257 has been revised to allow for fax and email return of address verification letters as it pertains to individuals forced to register in Connecticut. Individuals may still send their residence verification letters by postal mail if they so choose - the changes simply expand the methods of submission permissible under the law.

To email:

REMEMBER: Do not use or maintain any email not registered with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Create a blank email and attach a photo or scan of your verification letter.

Send to [email protected]

To fax:

Choose your fax tool (hard-wired machine or digital fax service such as to the number found on your residence verification form

Recommendation: Confirm that the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection has received your form by adding an email read-receipt or calling 860-685-8000.  Maintain all electronic and digital receipts for your records. Check the registry here a few days after sending your verification to make sure it shows a new date.

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